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Transfer Credit

Transfer Policy

Transfer of a current adult learner from one AMS-affiliated teacher education program to MMI requires the candidate to be within the three-year time limit following the original Academic Phase and be a member of AMS. Previously completed academic and practicum work is reviewed and evaluated by MMI and the original teacher education program is contacted to determine if the adult learner is in good standing academically and financially.
Transfer of contact hours and/or credits from other teacher education programs recognized by AMS will be considered with verification of the following documentation: have a degree in keeping with AMS credential requirements and be a current AMS member or be registered as an adult learner; review and evaluation of the credentials and portfolio; undergo proficiency pretesting to plan a program of study; determine minimum requirements of both the academic and practicum to meet MMI's requirements; and assessment and evaluation of proficiency as required by MMI.
Tuition is based on the portion of the course to be completed at MMI. All transfer candidates must take Montessori Philosophy and Theory at MMI.
Transfer of credits, including distance education credits from Montessori programs not recognized by AMS are not accepted.

Graduation Requirements

An adult learner is eligible for graduation when the following criteria have been met:

  • Payment of all financial obligations to Montgomery Montessori Institute

  • Completion of both the Academic and the Practicum Phases: 

Early Childhood: Academic Phase (312 hours) + Practicum Phase (612 hours) = 924 hours
Infant and Toddler: Academic Phase (216 hours) + Practicum Phase (556 hours), = 772 hours 
(798 hours if the EC Overview Course is required) 
Note: Infant and Toddler candidates who do not hold a Montessori Early Childhood teaching credential are required to complete the 24 hour MITE-OV: Prerequisite Overview Course

  • 90% attendance rate for all classroom and seminar hours

  • Completion of all required documents and forms

  • Submission and approval of all assignments and albums

  • Satisfactory completion of written and oral evaluations for both the Academic and the Practicum Phases

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